Delivering Excellence & Quality Services

Lasocean Agencies Limited facilitates shipments to and from various destinations worldwide including the United States, The United Kingdom, Asia, Canada and the Caribbean. Our constant commitment to high standards of quality and great customer satisfaction has facilitated in building a positive reputation in the shipping industry.

Lasocean Agencies Limited

Liner Agentsone

Spartan Shipping, Inc.

 Spartan is our flagship partner and has been shipping to Jamaica for over 30 years.

BSC Frieght

BSC Essex Freight

   BSC Essex is renowned for their first class freight forwarding service to Jamaica and the Caribbean.


International Agents

 We have a professional team of international agents who can help manage your freight and shipping needs efficiently.

Lasocean Agencies Limited

Customs Brokerage & Warehousing

We provide timely customs brokerage services, freight forwarding and warehousing services.